KELLY'S Tandoori Grill "Sweet Dreams"
KELLY'S Tandoori Grill  "Sweet Dreams"

Finally, Bucky's Story

Bucky has been meeting the needs of the elderly for most of his life in his assisted living facilities. currently he has a total of 70 beds in  Bakersfield.

His experience covers a wide range from providing care for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, to mental health management. He also has expriene in end of life care and working with hospice agencies. He has a total of  30 beds allocated for hospice when the need arisdes. He is flexible in the  way he provides care and has worked within family budgets.

Bucky will evaluate you and assist you in any way he can to manage your desired care needs

Visit Bucky's website and take a look at what Bucky has to offer you or your loved one.

Rose Garden                            LIC.# 157202405

The Samaritans I                      LIC. #157201299

The Samaritans II                     LIC. # 157201602

Gracious Lady                          LIC. # 157201731

Silvercrest Manor                     LIC. # 157202405

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