KELLY'S Tandoori Grill "Sweet Dreams"
KELLY'S Tandoori Grill  "Sweet Dreams"

Kelly's Tandoori Grill




Halal Buffet

A Fusion of Mexican and Pakistani Dishes

Welcome to Kelly's Tandoori Grill, a restaurant where traditional Pakistani food meets traditional Mexican Food to create a unique and special blend for the best taste in Bakersfield.


Owned and operated by Bucky and his wife Kelly

Kelly's Tandoori Grill is well known across Bakersfield for its excellent selection of traditional Pakistani food and Kelly's warm personality. Whether it's a casual lunch or a catering for 50, Kelly's Tandoori Grill offers the most delicious option for you. Kelly is always willing to cook!

Just Who Is Kelly?

Kelly was born in Pakistan. She is the eldest of four sisters. By the time she was 11 years old, she was able to cook a full meal for her family. When Bucky met her family, they were so kind and gentle with him, that he decided to ask her hand in marriage -he knew she was the one. Since her family was so welcoming, friends and family would travel from England and other places 

in Europe -YES- to eat Kelly's food.

Kelly moved to Pakistan to be with Bucky and continued the art of cooking. In England they opened a catering business. She was so good and her cooking so famous, she had contracts with hospitals and worked to manage their business meeting caterings. She was well liked and people enjoyed her food because she treated everyone like family and provided a personal touch to each

meal she produced.

In 1999, Kelly arrived in Bakersfield and -YES- the first and only business she wanted to do was catering, she provides quality that never changes ans she says it never will!

To this day everyone that Kelly meets, she treats like her own family Kelly is creative and flexible in the manner she provides  her food andt her services and she plans to do much more with the subject she loves, the passion that started at the age of 11: the art of cooking.

We know cooking is both an art and a science. Only special people can put spices together to create "that" dish

and -YES-

Kelly is "that" person,

Kelly is


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Kelly's Tandoori Grill

401 Chester Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93301 


Phone: 661- 324-0960

Kelly's Cellphone: 661 549-3316


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Kelly's Tandoori Grill

301 34th St
93301 Bakersfield


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